Samsara Network

Samsara Network is an efficient, security and extensible blockchain application development platform which through the consensus mechanism of POC. It provides unlimited data storage capabilities for decentralized applications and implement services such as multi-chain data collaborative storage, cross-chain data management, and data privacy protection. The Samsara Network provides a truly scalable ecosystem for developers and their smart contracts by reducing the barriers to entry for mobile users and servers.

  • Smart Contract

    Smart contract enables you to build your own decentralized applications.

  • POC

    Fair to everyone, environment friendly, energy conservation.

  • High TPS

    High TPS to support multiple dapps, at 8000 TPS in lab testing.

Contact Us

Samsara user community includes investors, ecological contributors, participating nodes and other roles. Samsara will provide a wide range of community support for community users, including the establishment of forums, wikis, tutorials, documents, white papers, knowledge bases, etc. Samsara will actively participate in user interaction in social media such as twitter, telegram and Wechat.